About Us

We are unique bookstore located in one of the oldest commercial buildings in our city of Burnaby, B.C. The building was built in the early 1900's and has had business's operate since that time. in 1982 the first bookstore was opened called Arcanum Books, specializing in used mysteries, occult and science fiction. in 1999 the current owner, Roger Brown, purchased the store and expanding the mystery book and science fiction section and adding vintage fiction, general, war and horror books. the occult books were sold off to a private dealer. in 2002 the store expanded, but with a difference. Several other booksellers joined Roger Brown and opened Hastings Street Booksellers, a book co-op. These other sellers and Roger then stocked the store with an eclectic mixture of all types of non-fiction, modern fiction, classics and many others. A collection of Antiquarian and a Womens Section have been added since then. Most of the books are posted on our website but an email request is always welcome. Scans can be sent as well.